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Help us Save Lost Grains

on the Verge of Extinction in the Caucasus Mountains 


World scientists are working feverishly to avert global famine by researching crops that can feed the world in the weather extremes of climate change.  

A botanical Noah’s Ark of resilient food crops has been discovered in the ancient mountain fields of Georgia, nestled between Russia and Turkey. 


Over 8,000 years ago Neolithic Caucasus Mountain farmers domesticated a vast biodiversity of wheat species.  Early Caucasus farmers gathered wild wheats and selected the most robust and delicious to save generation by generation. 

Threatened Georgian wheats are not only the most disease-resistance in the world, surviving harsh weather extremes when modern wheats fail, but are higher in nutrition than modern wheat,  are safe for most people with gluten allergies,  are incredibly delicious - and are on the verge of extinction!


We need your help to save Caucasus Mountain Wheats that can help provide a secure food supply for the world’s farmers facing climate change. 

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$25 - per seed packet of threatened Georgian wheats:

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ALL money from seed purchases contribute directly

to the Seed Ark for basic equipment:

freezer, dehuller and flour mill.


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